Last Thursday 5th April the school celebrated the ENGLISH DAY. We did different activities in English during all the day!

  • Primary students went to La Patronal to see a theatre play.
  • ”3r” played Bingo with “1r” and “2n”.
  • “4t”, “5è” and “6è” played the board game “who is who” and a quiz using tablets.
  • In the afternoon, we did arts&crafts about typical food, typical buildings/icons and flags of English speaking countries around the world.
  • P3, P4 and P5 prepared nice songs to “5è”  and enjoyed some theatre plays that “5è” prepared for them.
  • They ate “Fish & Chips” for lunch!


It was a great experience to practice the language and to interact with other classes.


Clicking the link below you’ll see some pictures about all the activities.


Clicking the links below you’ll see fantastic videos of theatre plays, songs and games we did during the day!!!




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